Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cheers to those 1980's!!!!.بچپن کی یادیں

In the memories of our childhood.........بچپن کی یادیں............Dedicated to Those who are 1980's!!!!!
When The______
____ - Most popular Games were "CHUPPAN CHUPAYEE", "BARAFF PANNI", and "CHOOR SAPAHI".

When The__________ - Best Delights were "POLKA" , "POPCORN'S" , "JUBILEE" and "MITCHEL'S TOFFEE".

When The__________
- Pepsi was worth Rs.6, - Watching 7:30am Cartoons before going to school on "PTV" and 7:00pm "Ninja Turtles", "Captain Planet" and "Thunder Cats" on "NTM".

When The__________
- People go homes earlier than usual to watch "INDIA vs PAKISTAN" matches.

***When we were not allowed to watch the movies but we managed it anyway!!!! ***When our best Asset was Bubble Gummer Glow Shoes!!!!
***When Getting Rs.50 Eidi meant you were Rich!!! ***When Decision were made by "Eeny Meeny miney moo"!!!!

***When the worst nightmares were Injections, Darkroom, Qari Saab's!!! ***When while playing cricket rules were pronounce as, Ghar main janay ka "Out" and Jou mary gaa wohi lay kar ayee gaa etc.

Childish but Awesome Memories.............................. Remembrance, Memorial and Enjoy it Alot.......... Cheers to those who are 1980's...............

بچپن کی یادیں


  1. very nice one....hope u like also..

    Bachpan Ke Din Kitne Ache Hote The
    Jab To Siraf Khilone Toota Karte The

    Woh Khushian Bhi Kaisi Khushian Thi
    Titlion Ke Par Noch Kar Uchala Karte The

    Apne Jal Jane Ka Ihsas Tak Na Tha
    Aag Ke Jalte Shoale Pakda Karte The

    Paon Mar Ke Khud Barash Ke Pani Main
    Apni Nao Aap Daboya Karte The

    Ab To Ik Aansoo Bhi Ruswa Kar Jata Hay
    Bachpan Main Jee Bhar Ke Roya Karte The

  2. Dear MRZ, thanks to post this beautiful comment and poetry, I am going to post it as a post in Real Urdu. regards,