Wednesday, 26 October 2011

:::::Go America Go America::::::

~~Letter to Americans~~

Our country has suffered/is suffering from dictatorship by its elected/unelected leaders. They are involved in murder of thousands of innocent civilians in the tribal regions of Pakistan and Karachi. They are corrupt and will not let an ordinary Pakistani prosper. Human Rights violations, chaos, lawlessness, and all that comes with it is pretty much thriving in our country. Drug Mafia, Land mafia this that and jack mafia, we have them all. Justice takes forever, in fact, may take for never. We have weapons that can be misused against our own people by our own institutions at any time. Military dictatorship is still a threat in Pakistan. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer by the day. The educated migrate from here due to lack of opportunities. We have disputes with our neighbors and have had many wars. Ethnic and religious tension is in the air. I heard some voices talk about anarchy. People don’t like their president who is considered a gangster and murderer of his wife. I don’t like him either even though I’m not too sure about who killed BB. Our administration does not have full control over its territory. There are some separatist movements in Pakistan and some just fight others because they are paid to do so. Suicide bombings are common while our law enforcement agencies are immoral. Women, children, minorities and other groups of people are deprived of their basic rights on a daily basis. Feudalism, slavery, and honor killings are still in vogue.

Please do not consider the above as an invitation to invade Pakistan and/or fight for our rights. Stay out! Let us Pakistanis fix our problems even if it takes long. You haven’t fixed any country with your military intervention so far, and I don’t think you can fix ours. What you did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and Libya has claimed more lives than the oppressor you tried to remove. Has put the people at an acute economic disadvantage, destroyed the very fabric of society, social structure, and governance. And you didn’t even get lucky to win their resources after several attempts. You do not have the automatic responsibility to fix Pakistan. You have no business here!

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