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Load Carrier for Labour:::Award Winner


Over the next months we will be highlighting award-winning projects and ideas from this year's Core77 Design Awards! We have been delighted by the breadth and depth of this year's submissions and look forward to taking a moment to honor this year's awardees. For full details on the project, jury commenting and more information about the awards program, go to


One of three carrying actions for the "Load Carrier for Labour"

VIKRAM PANCHAL1 .jpgDesigner: Vikram Dinubhai Panchal - NID

Location: Ahmedabad, INDIA
Category: Products/Equipment
Award: Professional Winner

Load Carrier for Labour
"Load Carrier for Labour" project is an innovation to improve the working condition of labourers and workers at many places globally—construction sites, factories, ports, railway stations, etc. The objective is to prevent various occupational hazards and demonstrating Product design and ergonomic consideration for the welfare of human life.

ALL Load.jpg

The principal object of the innovation is to facilitate three methods of lifting and shifting of the loads by worker, such as above the head, at the back and push or pull action. The new device main structures are made from cane materials, plastic and metal components. It is possible to make the entire structure in plastic or metal.

The new design has two major parts, one that holds the load and the other that rests on the shoulder. Device has two knobs, which facilitates the change of required function manually from one to another in one minute duration. This allows three modular functions for carrying lighter loads on the head, medium loads at the back and heavier loads to push or pull as trolley. Ergonomically the load is distributed on the shoulder and at the lumber support by softer material. The total weight of device is 2 Kgs. and would cost approx rupees. 300/- in mass production.

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At present, I will be interested to find sponsorship, marketing or a manufacturer to take this design further to the end user. I would like to make this design principle more versatile by using metal and plastic. I am open for any organization who are interested in sponsoring, marketing or manufacturing.



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